Music Director: Kinza Hagerup 

In a mud hut in northern Ghana, a young gal gave birth to a tiny baby girl who weighed only 4 pounds. The new mother did not survive the child birth. In that village, it is the superstition that if the birth mother dies in child birth, it is the baby's fault, and if the child is allowed to live, they will cause someone else to die. The tiny baby was just given water and left in the hut, everyone was waiting for her to die. A family member decided that he did not want to see her die, so he took her on his motorcycle from the village trying to find someone to nurse her, and he did. 

Three weeks later, a missionary family brought that tiny orphaned baby to their home to try to save her life. One of the teenage daughters examined the infant's hands and commented "Look how long her fingers are. She would make a great pianist some day!" The mother exclaimed, "yeah right, Heidi, I can totally see a piano in a mud hut!" The family ended up adopting that orphan, and that baby was me! We moved back to the United States when I was 4 years old. When I turned 7, my parents purchased a piano so that I could take lessons. I have now been playing piano for 17 years and organ off and on for 4 years. 

For fun, I love to cook, have game nights with friends, go exploring/hiking trails, and going for bike rides. I also like finding new and fun restaurants with amazing food to try! I have 3 older siblings with 13 nieces and nephews, and one younger sister who was also adopted from Ghana, but a different tribe from me. 

Custodian: Clarence Long

Clarence has been a member of Smith Valley UMC since the late 70's and has been the custodian, taking very good care of the church, since 1994. In his free time, he is an avid golfer. Clarence and his wife, Mary, have 7 children altogether. Before working at the church, he taught for 35 years at IPS. Most of his time was spent teaching 7-8 grade, but before retiring, taught younger kids and truly enjoyed all ages. 

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