Core Values

Our core values at Smith Valley UMC help define who we are and what we do.  Through a process of discernment, prayer and discussion, we have identified the following as our core values.

  1. Worship - attributing worth to God

  2. Prayer - communicating with God

  3. Community - caring about and addressing the needs of others

  4. Hope- giving hope to people who need some hope

  5. Relationships - people getting along with one another


At Smith Valley UMC, we believe that God has a mission for us, that we are here for a reason.  It is the guiding belief that shapes who we are and what we do.  Our mission at Smith Valley UMC is...

To Welcome All. To Follow Jesus.  To Change Lives & the World


4 Areas of Emphasis to Make the Vision a Reality

As we bring together our mission and core values, we look to the future.  We have in our minds where it is that God is leading us, and bring clarity to our 2020 Vision.  This vision calls us to live out who we are by what we do.

We see Smith Valley as a church that is active and engaged in the local community for the sake of building God's kingdom.

Our areas of of emphasis are intended to be a road map with intentional steps that we plan to take as a church.  Right now, it may not be more than a hope and a dream, but every great thing starts somewhere.  And so, these are our four areas of emphasis to guide what we do so that we may be who we are called to be.

  1. Building an intentional relationship with Sugar Grove Elementary School

  2. Exploring ways to build a connection with the local Little/Lassie Leagues

  3. Developing an intentional discipleship process whereby people can begin to understand and take the next steps in their life of faith.

  4. Developing intentional congregational care ministries to support, encourage and uplift, and bring hope to those who need it.

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